Nov 22, 2009

love is in the air...

we are loving us some sesame street these days.. hubby, baby, and me are all humming and singing old and new tunes.. now in their 40th year they are continuing to stay current and fresh without losing their foundation of learning fundamentals.. below are some of the reasons i'm seriously crushing on sesame street these days...


i think i'm in love with fiest..
who knew hubby was sitting on her last two albums and hadnt shared. this is actually from last year.. but since munchkin turned one i've started to let her watch sesame street... i think i like it more than she does...

my peeps!
loves me some first lady.. stylish, smart, and a mommy to boot:-)

go murray!
so this young chap has his own theme music that is a remix of mary had a little lamb.. instead "murray" has a little lamb.. who wears a little bow.. GO MURRAY! they go to a different school and learn about karate, and gymnastics, and gardening, and river dancing... loves it!

a little something for mommy.. 
they are really cracking me up with the spoofs and parodies of the shows we all know and love.. one of my favs (is that a ciggy in elmo's hand?):

Elmo Draper

{a touch of retro}

missing you boo..
he was always one of my favs (i'm a sucker for a butterfly collar)... not sure what happened to him but i dont think he got his invite in the mail for the 40th birthday party:-( he has yet to make an appearance..


Lydia said...

Girl! I popped in the Elmo in Grouchland DVD last Saturday! Grover is one of my faves.

bunnie said...

ur SO special:-)


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