Jan 20, 2015


Just checking in to let you know I'm still breathing. I really miss blogging and am coming up with new ideas every day!  Hopefully I'll be able to do something with those ideas pretty soon. Still focusing, networking, reading. and praying.. gaining some momentum. In the mean time if you haven't already check us out (and spread the word) over on the Giggle Girls Website. AND PLEASE SHARE!!  I would be eternally grateful for your support. Daily shenanigans shenanigans still going on over on Instagram if you'd like to peep in:-)


Jan 3, 2015


Hey! HAPPY NEW YEAR! ...Still working on getting all of my INTENTIONS FOR 2015 down on paper, but in the mean time…. I'm diving into checking this one off my bucket list and Im hoping you will join me.

Snagged this This photo from my instagram. Don't check the date on that - find out how long i've been staring (lovingly) at this book on my nightstand.  I'll admit, I'm only a couple pages in.

 I'm a great collector of books, well not great but, I love to snag new interesting books. Finding the time to sit down and read them is another story. But I've reworked my schedule for the new year and am setting intentions to get in bed with this book at 9:30 (after putting the kids to bed and working on GGBC for a bit).  I'll be full of energy and ready to dive in right?! zzzzzzz:-/


B. H. BOOK CLUB - woot! I'm not completely certain how this will work in its entirety, but what I do know is I'm in love with the premise of this book, and that I'd love for you to read along with me and have a few folks to discuss it with.

After 30 days we will surely take over some restaurant for breakfast and talk about kids, work, Netflix ques, and this AWESOME BOOK.

Originally published in 2013, AMERICANAH, a novel by CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE is a story about race, love, and identity.  Its come highly recommended by a few smart mamas I know and was one of NPR's Good Reads (among many other accolades).

And in even more exciting news the cast is set and movie to be released this year - LUPITA!! Gah!! I love a good book turned movie. And another reason to get together. I bet you won't join me at the theater!

We can handle that right? Since munchkin has her own book club its only right, mama gets her own?

Okay so lets do it? Email me your email address or leave it in the comments (click the mail icon up top) if you're in! We'll do a google hang out and meet up with the in town folks!




Dec 9, 2014


Hi!! Taking a quick break from my working sabbatical to check in with you guys! Oh I hope you are SO WELL and enjoying this holiday time with your most favorite people and doing your most favorite things.. I've have been tacking up the snapshots of our Christmas adventures over on Instagram.

I'll be kicking off this holiday party season at Tony's company party and then at a fun little soiree sponsored by The Bitter Southerner and Warby Parker at the Atlanta store.  I was super excited when the folks over at Warby Parker asked me to help spread the word about the launch of the newest collaboration. 

The Concentric Collection, which introduces three new styles, alongside a new color, Whistler Greymakes its appearance not a moment too soon, just about the time our heavy layers could use a little zing. The latest looks are all about complement and contrast, with a bit of luxury and a subtle dash of color. 


As a fellow "four eyes" (they are much better than two), I'm always admiring and on the look out for stylish and statement spectacles. I've been wearing glasses since I was eight years old, and  I've pretty much decided I'll never wear contacts. I've grown quite accustomed to the smart sexy librarian look? Umm.. 

The Concentric Collection focuses on eyeglasses styles and sunglasses styles.  Will be drooling over trying on a few pair and especially that crystal pair - which must come home with me I think are my favorite.

Which pair would you wear? Going to any fun parties? 

Not compensated for this post. I just thing these specs are super cute. Experience a day in the life of Warby Parker


P.S. Just like all of their existing collections, for every pair sold, they distribute a pair to someone in need through their non-profit partners. 

Nov 18, 2014


Hey Folks!

I think I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to announce or bring attention to any breaks in blog posting and such. But so anyway, out of respect for you, and my blog, which I love so much, I thought it would be right. Or at least okay.

In an effort to focus more fully on The Giggle Girls Book Club Project (and my family). I am going take a small break from the blog.  I have not been doing a great job at writing awesome and fun blog posts and taking care of these little people (and H) and this house and launching the business. So...

I'll be spending a little time catching up on a few things like trying to keep up with this laundry list that seems to be the culprit of the extra dirty socks I took off Avery this morning. And maybe even getting in this - which I'm sure will make everything else fall into place.

But most importantly, I'll be doing my darndest to focus on the website and building relationships with toy and craft vendors and book publishers.  Any help, contacts, forwards, "likes" and "shares" you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

In the interim, I will still be taking snapshots of my much needed sanity breaks from the kiddos and the hustle of trying my hardest to be a successful work/stay at home mommy over here at our spot.

If you don't mind,

Please spread the word about THE GIGGLE GIRLS BOOK CLUB as I attempt to help breed the new young bookish clique:-)

Giggle Girls Book Club Website
Giggle Girls Book Club Twitter
Giggle Girls Book Club Instagram
Giggle Girls Book Club Facebook

I will most certainly be back with amazing new things to share!


Nov 14, 2014


My next attempt at a "fashion post". Which mainly means.. what I like to wear. Lets call it a STYLE POST. I don't consider my self "fashiony"? But I like to look like I at least tried (give the appearance of a shower) whenever possible. After all, we busy mamas like to look good too right?

I'm thinking with these few tips you will be the cutest mom (from the shoulders up)… Just right for car pool WOOT.

My recipe for fall fashion includes:

Layers!! What better way to cover up the things hat happen to your body from Halloween to New Years? And thankfully layers never go out of style. This Ted Baker paisley print shirt I picked up at a Thrift Store, and the chambray is my favorite every day shirt from JCrew. They don't have it anymore, but you can get  similar one here.

Swipe of bold Lipstick. Nothing says, I'm ready like lipstick. Only a bold color will do. Really shows that you gave it the old college try! Recently been rocking this berry shade from NYX I picked up at the Target.

Cute Shoes. Preferably some warm boots. You'll be surprised how far a pair of sturdy riding boots will get you. I've had these for several years. Tony brought them back from a school/business trip from Argentina a few years back. Similar here on sale at Nordstrom.

and last but not least...

A cute hat.. LOVE this hat. Wool, I got it from Jcrew last year on super duper sale so I bought two. I can totally not comb my hair and put this on and look like a million (a couple hundred??) bucks. I'd even wear this hat on good hair days. Similar here in wool pinstripe and oxblood leather . I WANT them booth (shakes piggy bank).


Speaking of fall hats. Thought I'd link up with some other mamanistas who are showing off their fall hats today. Click here to see some other Mamanista Friday Fall Hat Style.

What do you think?!! Have a great weekend.. Its going to be COLD here in HOTLANTA!

THANKS SO MUCH for snapping these awesome pics of me Mimi!


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Nov 13, 2014


SO MANY COUGHS.. SO MUCH SNOT.. Yes, I said snot.. We are on our third round of sniffles around here, which means night time has been pretty rough these days. Thankfully, I've been able to escape the germs (so far, knock on wood). Tony has not been so lucky. I threw out the Vicks Vapor Rub after learning about how toxic it really is… Especially with the littles, I've been trying to be as natural and organic as possible when possible.

Avery woke up with a sheer sheet of mucus across his face and a cough like an adult horse:-( I've been doing a little research and this is my first stash of Essential Oils… Whippped up some of this Natural Vapor Rub and have been slathering it on the little guy. 

I  think its working.  

I even rubbed some on Tony last night while he was sleeping…. he like that very much. Alright.. keep it moving… nothing to see here.

To Make:
Put about 4 heaping tablespoons of coconut oil on a container. I'm a bit of a hoarder, so I had plenty of things I could use but these mini spice jars would work well. Add about 20 drops of Eucalyptus. 1 or 2 drops each of Rosemary and Spearmint.

I put it on after bath and then keep it on my nightstand when the kids are sick. That way I can grab it and head to the room of whoever is doing the coughing.

Nothing worse then when the littles are sick. At least he's been giving me the best snuggles (and the longest naps). 

Any other home remedies you can share would be greatly appreciated.

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Nov 12, 2014



glue gun
glue sticks
little cups
kraft coffee filters
grape vine wreath
masking tape


1. Dye about 10 - 12  coffee filters.
You could very well just do all Kraft colored flowers and not dye them at all.. But I wanted it to feel like fall so I picked some fall colors (red, yellow, orange, pink) and then used brown to mute them a bit. Put paint in your cups, add a little brown and stir… then add a little water to loosen… Then you can shove about  4 (crumpled) filters in each cup. Wait about 20 minutes. Then I laid out plastic to open them up and let them dry (about 20 minutes). You'll be able to tell when they are dry.

2. Cut out Flowers.
In hindsight, this took me a lot longer than it should have.  Because I could not wait an wanted to cut and then immediately place it on the wreath. To move more swiftly go ahead and cut out all of your flowers first.  Here is the link to the awesome tutorial I used.

3. Arrange flowers on your wreath.
Once you've cut out all of your flowers, then you'll arrange them on your wreath by putting a generous amount of hot glue on the (tape) bottom of your flowers and holding them for a few seconds in place where you want on your wreath. I did the front of the wreath and then filled in the outside perimeter so that it looked nice and full.

4. Add embellishments.
I only have maple trees in my yard. So I put on a black ski mask and snuck into a neighbors yard and scoured for acorns. Just kidding, I texted her and she told me where the key was:-) I also found a few fall leaves and shoved them in and on the wreath with the hot glue.

5. Hang your wreath!

TA DA!! Cute Right?! I finished this up in time to hang it on the door before we took our family photos over the weekend. I suppose now its time to make a Holiday Wreath? Stay tuned:-)

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