Dec 11, 2009


so blogging is my new therapy.. i zone out online for a bit looking at pretty things and making lists, taking notes and get  my creative juices flowing.. helps me to think about my ideal self.. .which sometimes can be a little depressing compared to the real thing.. but i digress..
hubby is putting the munchkin to bed so i thought i'd crank out some ME time..
i'm not usually into technology but found these items to be on the top of my list whenever i get to go and pick some money off of that tree in my back yard:-)
on one of the few commercials that i actually watched (tivo has ruined my patience) i saw and LOVED this new gadget... right now i have an old bootleg samsung from 2006.

this palm pixi is super cute and stylish.. i want some thing blackberry-like that takes good pix and can quickly look up places nearby to eat, drink, and be merry.. this seemed PERFECT...  It's around 100 bucks..

Stylish and compact the Acer Aspire ONE in Chocolate would be perfect for the on the go mommy... munchkin has a full social calendar with school and playdates, music class , and visits to the museum.. this would make staying connected to projects, schedules, and my therapy sessions (blogging) a cinch. It's around 300 bucks..

another commercial that must have sneaked in was the fun and flirty Flip Video Camcorder Digital Video Camera.  Sleek and designable it's perfect for a a new mommy (or an old one).. for catching all those first and funny moments with the little munchkin!  It records up to 120 minuts and It's around 150 bucks..

and what good are all these gadgets if you dont have a super cute bag to lug it all around in? i spotted this in my cole haan catalog. i'm a big fan of thier shoes and bags.. and so is hubby. i'm usually not into bold colors but this leather caught my eye.. anything that can double as a stylish diaper bag is a-okay in my book! it's around 200 bucks...
ruby reversible tote

And last but not least.. Perfect for dashing through your errands and a more grown up alternative to the UGG boot these Jcrew Cordova Shearling boots are made of soft Italian suede and fully lined in shearling. absolutely LOVES IT!


Lydia said...

2 of these things just don't belong here
come on, can you tell which one?
can you guess which thing just doesn't belong here?
guess before my song is done...

bunnie said...

i'm just sayin! i have to have something to carry them all in!! AND cute shoes??


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