Jan 23, 2010

cough cough...

my throat has been killing me the last couple of days.. asthma, coughing.. no fun.. hubby stepped up his game today and took over the house. i didnt change a single diaper today.. he made eggs and turkey bacon, a yummy chicken pita with hummus and arugula, and chicken, potatoes and broccoli for dinner. he even made a grocery run with the munchkin in tow.  i took two long naps and watched the jersey shore reunion:-( you should not be allowed to take NyQuil and drive. I was literally dizzy.

at any rate. i pulled it together last night long enough to go to dinner with my bestest pal j. for her big 23rd birthday!!
i would have to have posted a pic from last night, but since i forgot my camera and noone has posted any pics for me to snag yet, i went searching through the crates for an old pic to no avail..  i really wanted to dig up and oldie because not only is j. one of my dearest friends she is one of my oldest friends. we met freshman year in college and have been inseparable since.

unfortunately i couldnt figure out how to use my scanner, but found this dusty pic on someone's old myspace page:-)

i think it most accurately displays our relationship.. too much:-)

bunnie's bachelorette weekend in miami beach 2006.

love you j! here's to the next 23!

going to bed now.

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