Mar 28, 2010

much better now..

last week  was the absolute worst. the little munchkin was quite sick all week. i've never felt so helpless. a true test of motherhood. emergency department and doctors visits. rising temperatures.. stuffy and restless nights. cranky days.. motrin and aspirators.. sesame street and oatmeal at two in the morning.. last week was a total blur. but one thing is very clear. being a mommy is the most important and the most fulfilling thing i will ever do. i pray every day for the strength and wisdom to do what's best. i hope one day to inspire her the way she does for me every day. 


homemade grits said...

sorry you guys had a rough week:( i FEEL ya. i know that you are such an awesome mom and hope that little peanut is now in tip top shape!

Lydia said...

beautiful photo!


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