May 26, 2010

go bunnie!

in honor of the big day i have finally reached my goal weight! I lost 12 pounds!! the bad part is.. none of my clothes fit.. and the good part is.. none of my clothes fit!!  i wont run out and buy new clothes just yet.. let's see how long i can keep this up..

so i'm thinking about having dinner here or here with hubby and the munchkin to celebrate another year of life... now that i am an old lady -  i usually like to keep it low key on the actual day and just hang out with my two favorite people:-)

i havent been to the decatur arts festival before but am thinking of hitting it up on saturday.. it should be a nice little family outing.. and maybe we can find some great local art and snacks!

super excited to take in sex and the city 2 with my girls! i had a huge belly and was waddling around when the last one came out. we are looking for a designated driver:-) who knows what other mischeviousness we will get into.. it's 80's night at East Atlanta Lounge.. so WATCH OUT!!

Tiny Prints always has the super cutest invites which are a must to set the tone.

so i've been scouring the martha stewart site trying to come up with a little menu for a little birthday barbeque..

thinking about something like this


and this..


  and we dare not forget this


okay now i'm REALLY hungry!!

i'll let you know how it goes..

looking forward to some sweet relaxation!! it's been a crazy week already... it's only wednesday and i'm already talking about the weekend!!


Claire Kiefer said...

1. Amazing re: the 12 pounds--how'd you do it?? 2. SATC2 is awesome--you're gonna have such a great time! 3. What a cute bbq idea and invite. :)

jdavissquared said...

yay! congratulations on reaching your goal! that's got to feel awesome!

And....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your bbq was great! ;)


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