Jul 27, 2010

me likey..

i've been pretty bummed for some reason for the last few weeks.. maybe it's because summer is almost over. at any rate, i decided to just keep it moving like it ever happened;-). 

this stuff i've been eyeing for a little bit and decided to get it off my desk top and share it with you...

love this super cute crystal bracelet from you know who (j crew)

and these navy and red "caroline's" from tory burch.. would be perfect for fall.

ever since i saw these on that little girl in the park.. i've been adoring livie and luca shoes.. they run about 40 bucks.. (ouch)!!

i think these could even go into the fall and winter with some tights?

in decorating mode and looking for drapes for the munchkins room. found these on anthropologie.. they are in my basket:-)

this is what we've been up to on sunday after noons...  can't believe she'll be two next month.. if you ask her she'll tell you exactly that!

hope you havent missed me too much.. i've sure missed you:-)


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