Aug 1, 2010

we love weekends!!!

one of these days i'm going to figure out how to attend church on sundays regularly again.. it's been just a tad hard to do with a toddler. we've tried it a couple of times and pretty much get dressed to sit in church and entertain the munchkin until its time to go. mom says take her to the nursery at the church.. maybe if they had video cams streaming live to my cell phone.. in the mean time.. we've been resting on the Sabbath day (to keep it Holy:-) and spending much family time.. we did get out for a bit for some ice cream before the storm.. but before we had a little of this:

 and did a little of this:

 however the highlight of the weekend was celebrating the hubby's birthday.. we had a few friends over and made the most delicious little turkey and beef sliders... with the hubby's favorite brews and GiGi's famous Sangria.. it made for the perfect Saturday.. thanks to all who weathered the storm to help us celebrate.. 

 munchkin made daddy this:

and got him this super cute classic trench to weather those days on campus. 

i got him to do a little modeling for me.. he's such a natural:-)

happy birthday bubby!!!

1 comment:

jdavissquared said...

Happy birthday to your hubs! Looking good in his trench! ;)

Your daughter's pool is so cute with those palm trees!

Have a great week!


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