Oct 7, 2010

me likey:-)

i've been meaning to talk about this movie for a while. i believe hubby and i saw it about a month ago now.. but we both really liked it.. actually hubby suggested that we go see it.. oddly.. i think its because he has a thing for drew barrymore.. she is kinda cute... at any rate, maybe i'm partial because darling hubby and i started out in a long distance relationship and lived happily ever after.. i thought he was the cutest funniest guy i had ever met.. i still do:-)

okay so i've known about this website for a while, but just recently checked it out when hubby showed me this hilariousness.. I remember this song like it was yesterday... but not quite like this.
so i was looking back at some old facebook pix and ran across this.. in public and on most occasions hubby and i both appear to be pretty conservative.. but underneath it all we are actually a little on the "off" side.. so a few years back, newlywed, pre baby bunnie and h.. paraded around town dressed as flava flav and deelishis.. bad tv at its best.. dont judge us!
halloween 2006

this always makes me laugh.. i wonder how funny the little munchkin will think it is 12 years from now?

okay its taken me forever to post this so, i think i’m going to call it quits.. enjoy!


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