Oct 3, 2010

moving right along...

picking up where i left off.. i think i'll have to do this in a two or three part series.. the munchkin has turned two and is officially a "big girl".. she is very clearly requesting cream cheese with her bagel, asking for chapstick.. and has climbed out of her crib twice... somebody save me!!

here are some pics from her birthday:

i snuck  around 530 a.m. and "trashed" her room.. she was a bit confused at first but once she realized what was going on, got into full celebration mode.. she has been singing all three verses of "happy birthday to you.. ever since..

munchkin's new favorite is pancakes with chocolate chips!


some of her closest friends joined her in the earlier part of the day to celebrate!

and nanny bre-bree and her bff cole joined her for a celebratory dinner at he favorite mexican cantina in glenwood village!

say cheese!


Claire Kiefer said...

She is precious as always, and what a ham with that big smile!

jdavissquared said...

awe, happy birthday munchkin!


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