Jan 23, 2011


okay.. so happy new year and all that jazz.. I know i missed it.. I'm usually a little late on things, but i'm working on that..

a couple of things i'm working on that i wanted to put out into the atmopsphere..

so the average american gains 7 pounds between halloween and new years. just call me a statistic... i worked too hard to shed my excess weight last year to not be able to fit into my jeans again!! so i'm on a mission.  i ordered new Saucony sneakers from Gilt Groupe today (while waiting in the ER with hubby today - it was just sinusitus thank God) picked up some new vitamins at the pharmacy and its on!

so i tend to veg out in front of the television once i put the munchkin to bed when i'm in a funk.. and  then i feel even worse after i've depleted all of my TiVo recordings for being such a loser and not working on any of the trillion projects i have going on. so starting this week i am cutting out television. well not in its entirety. i'm allowing myself 1 hour of tv per day. mainly so i can watch the young and the restless. sorry, i'm not trying to have to go to rehab. dont judge me.

since the munchkin was born (2 years ago) we have fallen out of our regular church attendance. unfortunately we made the mistake of trying to schedule it around nap times, and attempted to try and make it more convenient for us instead of making it a priority as it has been in the past. now dont get me wrong, it was a little difficult to really get anything out of the sermon as we spent the entire time trying to entertain our infant/toddler and passing her back and forth. but these last couple of Sundays have gone quite well, and I'm very excited about teaching the munchkin about God and bringing a steady routine of family worship back into our lives.

so there you have it. my goal this year is to strive for more. and to spend MORE time doing the things that make me proud, that make me happy and that inspire me.

i was inspired as i picked up the recent issue of More magazine (my new favorite) yesterday while the munchkin and i hung out at the bookstore for a bit.  it touts itself as being for women of style and substance. i'm working on that too:-)

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