May 27, 2012

An Impromptu Soiree'

I just finished consoling my three year old because she wasnt made aware that we werent having 100 people (her words) over to celebrate my birthday. she got all dressed up in her Rapunzel dress and sparkly shoes and asked when were people going to start arriving..

but before that i woke up to a quiet room (hubby had already fed little h and put him in the nurseryfor his morning nap). and breakfast in bed (well while I was pumping - same difference right?).  and this!

in case the picture isnt quite clear, its a gift certificate to ANN MASHBURN!! Which I've been daydreaming about since they opened in 2010.  I think I'll wait until i shed a little of the baby weight before I go in and drool...

in other news from this glorious Memorial Day Weekend:

If any of you have met my little munchkin, you have undoubtedly met her bff CoCo. She was given to me as gift at my baby shower so technically she is older and this weekend i found out just how old as I was informed that it was CoCo's 10th birthday (May 25th) and we were throwing her a party to celebrate (evidently its in the genes -

since I'm too exhausted (5 week old on boad) to put up a fight, and in my quest to become "Mother of the Year," i had to oblige her.. so i went to my stash to dig out the necessary tools to throw CoCo a proper shin dig.

the hostess with the mostess.

no party is complete without a proper banner.

and I was even convinced to make home made cookies.. Well not exactly, They were Trader Joes.. but  still alot more work than the "box cake" I was hoping to pull out of the cabinet to no avail..

some of CoCo's closest pals showed up for the last minute invite.

and last but not least the guest of honor

And to top it all off to celebrate our birthdays (me and CoCo) hubby fired up the grill and treated us to this delicious feast. 

I will go on to milk this birthday weekend for all its worth..
 a nap.. maybe a foot rub (hint, hint:-), an adult beverage (how long to I have to wait so that I dont give the baby a hangover?)

Hope you have a glorious Memorial Day weekend.


teresa said...

Happy Birthday CoCo!!!! :-)

Jillian Wiggs said...

Did H, make that card??? I'm just saying...did he?

Weather Anchor Mama said...

Happy Birthday! Food sure looks yummy!


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