Oct 28, 2012

British Accents and Halloween Treats

From this Morning:
Up at 6 to feed little h and put him back down, pumped and then back in bed to catch a couple more zzz's or so 
thought...Munchkin came in to tell me that her froggy needed to go to the emergency room because he broke his leg and needed a cast. i saved us a trip by giving her some toilet paper and scotch tape for a make shift. mommy saved the day! and then daddy saved it by hauling the brood downstairs to make pancakes leaving me all by my lonesome to finish watching what is now my new favorite movie.. Love Actually (circa 2003 - not sure how I missed this one?).. super sweet romantic comedy of sorts.. all star cast (Hugh, Emma, Colin to name a few). Brought me to a few exciting conclusions:

1. In my next life i think shall be British (yes I said shall). The accent makes me very happy and alone makes people sound 10 times more intelligent.
2. I've decided that Colin Firth is my favorite actor (and Steve Buscemi).
3. Perfect addition to my Christmas movie rotation (Trading Places, Coming to America, The Holiday, Griswald Christmas Vacation... email me and I'll send you the list:-)
4. Love actually, is all around us...

* If you haven't seen it yet please save until the holidays. Perfect for snuggling with your boo or even alone and remembering when you were young and footloose and fancy free..

On to the real reason for this post:

In search something spooky and sweet for the munchkin to take to class for Halloween, I found this marshmallowy goodness in Cacao Atlanta in the Virginia Highlands. It is a perfect and sweet space with beautiful artisan chocolates to smell and taste and take home.

I havent completely decided whether or not to give this a try but I found a great tutorial here or you can buy them here. And I've pinned lots of other fun and fast and easy ideas on my sweet treats Pinterest board here

I'm still opened to suggestions if you'd like to share!

Currently snuggling up in front of the first fire of the season, pretending to watch football and wishing hubby would call in sick tomorrow, I know its going to be super cold in the morning and I wont want to leave my covers..

Hope you have a great week!


Maria Pinkelton said...

Oh Lord YES!!! That movie is my favorite big ensemble cast movie. I like Valentine's Day but this one is so heart warming. My favorite story is Colin Firth's little boy. So adorable.

bunnie hilliard said...

Right! I cant believe its from 2003! Super cute.


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