Nov 8, 2012

A Lesson in Family Photos

Congratulations on the re-election of our President and the most perfect first family!! 
A fitting introduction to what I'd like to share.

It's that time again - for the obligatory family photo! We usually take ours around the holidays just in time to be included in our Christmas (or New Years - depending on how well I've managed my time) cards.

 Here is our last photo as a reference. The goal was "Sexy June Cleaver". Not quite sure I pulled off the sexy. I thought the fire red lipstick and animal print would do the trick. I think I blew it with the hair.. Working hard to get my smize down before our photo session.

Although I've taken many pics of our family over the last few years, we haven't done any "professional" photos. We thought we'd just invest in a good camera and take our own. Since we've added another (and probably the last) to the brood, we figured this a good time to sit for a family portrait. 

So I've done my research to make sure I get my monies worth. 
Here is my advice and some of my favorite photos from the web.

Do have fun. 
I love a candid shot. Everyone does not have to be looking directly into the camera.

Do coordinate attire, but not overly so. 
Not the same outfit. The pic will come off better if everyone is comfy. And that may include wearing your individual style in coordinating colors. You will get your best smile from everyone when they feel like they are looking their best.

Do consider sitting for pics in your natural habitat. 
The family couch, Your front porch, your favorite park, lake... Not on top of a sky scraper. Why was great grandpa standing on the train tracks?

Do go for timeless. 
Keep in mind that your great great great grand kids will be flipping through these. 
How do you want to be remembered?

Do practice your smile. 
I think I would have saved myself a gazillion out takes if I had just taken a few moments to look in the mirror and practiced my best smile.  *A little pre-photo coaching doesn't hurt. My munchkin tends to smile like chuck. E. cheese and close her eyes.

For photo credits and more family photo ideas visit my photo op Pinterest Board.

I'd love to hear your ideas for family photos!!


Gi-Gi said...

LOVE IT!!! Great tips

MrsADS said...

That is SUCH a great picture of you guys!

bunnie hilliard said...

Thanks!! Working on the updates now!!


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