Nov 24, 2012

Down and Out in Bunnieville

Ive been a little out of sorts this holiday as the little h is down with a cold. actually a rather terrifying cough that i am praying is not asthma. Ive been up til the wee hours of the morning monitoring, administering, praying him back to sleep. 

oh how i love the fall and winter seasons and all of the joy and merriment they bring. but underneath is always the dread of the blow to these little immune systems I'm charged to protect and the colds and coughs I'll have to battle...

thankfully, in the interim. I have the folks to help out at least for a little while.

 (thats grand daddy - yes, we are southern:-) sorry for the wonky pic. 

in other news..
Thanksgiving was a success and the trimmings turned out marvelous. i think my favorite was the fresh cranberry sauce and also the sweet potato pie I've been having for breakfast every morning (its a vegetable right?).

Xhilaration® Junior's Pajama Set - White
We were able to awaken from our food coma just enough to do a little Black Friday shopping. I bought a rug for my family room that I had been salivating over (finally!!) online. i hope i will love her just as much when i meet her in person (the rug) and I stocked up on PJ's at the Target - my favorite stocking stuffer, and made sure to pick up some to donate to the Pajama Program event I'm helping out with on December 1st.

We'll be tailgaiting all day in preparation for the big Notre Dame Game! Good thing we are still stocked with lots of food, snacks and drinks! H and h have been up tailgating (and coughing) since 5 a.m.

Go Irish!

Today I'm hoping to muster up enough strength (and eyeliner) to take some family photos and go pick out the Christmas tree from our favorite lot (here) in Midtown. We've been going there since H and I were dating.

I hope you were able to enjoy great times with friends and family and that they leave just in time to let you recoup a bit before heading back to the real world.

*all photography courtesy of instagram/hdieselsolo (hubby)


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