Jul 19, 2013


So not only is she on my BFF wish list. I have a little girl crush on her and here's why:

THE HAIR. I've never worn a wig before. They make me nervous. I'm sure one of my little people would snatch it off and throw it on the ground at the most inopportune time. But this girl rocks the heck out of some of the most fabulous hair I have EVER seen.

SHE CRACKS ME UP.  An American Comedian, now keeping it real on The Talk on CBS. I love a girl who keeps it real (FUNNY). Southern, and charming, and HILARIOUS.

SHE IS PALS WITH THE FOLKS ON  THE YOUNG and THE RESTLESS AND I'M SUPER JEALOUS. I remember when I first saw her hugged up with Victor Newman (and Shemar Moore) and thought, "What in the ham sandwich?!" I'm a lifelong/die hard fan of The Young and The Restless  (who are you to judge me). I have been watching it since I was in my momma's belly and if anyone deserves to hug up on Victor and Nikki, its ME. I'm just saying.

Love you Boo!

Who's your celebrity GIRL CRUSH? Check out the other ladies on my Girl Crush List here.

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Wande- Ladyee Boutique said...

I have always loved Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, Kerry Washington and Angela Basset. Way way before they were popular. I remember Cheryl Underwood back when she was on comic view and always carried a purse. :-)

Wande- Ladyee Boutique said...

I have always loved Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Angela Basset and Kerry Washington. I remember Cheryl Underwood back on comic view when she always carried a purse. :-)

bunnie hilliard said...

Ha! YES!! I'm going to have to go and look some of her old stuff up youtube:-) oh and LOVE LOVE LOVE! Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, and Angela Bassett. One of my previous crushes here: http://www.bunniehilliard.com/2013/05/girl-crush-little-stalking-story.html

Tanesha Woods said...

She is hilarious!!! My girl crushes are Mrs. O, Beyonce, Traci Ellis Ross, and Janelle Monae!! I see you have princess Kate on your list....good one!!!


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