Aug 21, 2013


So we are a week and a half in to "Real School" also known as Kindergarten and I think I've finally stopped holding my breath. I'm getting a real glimpse into the kind of mother I REALLY am. Let me first say that she is enjoying it IMMENSELY. The first day she got in the car at the CAR POOL and said, "mom, that was AMAZING!" Second day, at pick up she says, "mom, today was EVEN MORE AMAZING THAN YESTERDAY." {sigh of relief}. She gets in the car and I ask her a bazillion questions - How was your day? Who did you play with? What about this kid or that kid? Did she say something mean? What did you say? What Big Kid were you playing with on the playground? 


 Someone PLEASE HELP ME. I'm turning into my mother (no offense mommy:-) 

I woke up early that morning and filled the car with balloons for a little surprise party on the way to school. The look on her face was PRICELESS. 

We got to meet the teachers a few days before school started and they were fast friends. 

I only went back in TWICE to stare at her through the classroom window. She didn't turn around even once.

This one is going to be just fine. Its ME I'm worried about.

Are your kiddos back in school. I'd love to hear all about it!



Teresa Blackman said...

This is so cute! I have a dad in my class this year that reminds me of you! Take a deep breath mommy! I promise you that the entire school is on standby for the precious kindergarteners! She will be JUST fine! I you are such a cute mommy... I hope that others are inspired, as I am.!

Keep up the good work!

Farrah said...

How awesome! Her loving kindergarten is an answer to prayers I'm sure.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Carla said...

So adorable! That's awesome she's loving school.

My baby boy started pre-k a few weeks ago, and I had to be told to leave the classroom after I had walked him back. I cried for about a week everyday as I watched both of my children walk hand in hand with lunchboxes in the other. I'm ok now. I think. Lol!

bunnie hilliard said...

Thanks SO MUCH Teresa! Your opinion really means a lot! Hope you have a great year! Looks like you are well on your way:-)

bunnie hilliard said...

Yes! Happy Girl makes a Happy Mommy! Super CUTE blog. I shall return:-)

bunnie hilliard said...

I KNOW GIRL. The lunch boxes will get you every time.. This mommy thing is magical! I wouldnt trade it for anything!


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