May 16, 2014


Happy Flash Back Friday! In honor of this weekly tradition, I dug out this old photo (circa 1981ish) and am sharing a little about myself on the blog today.

Can I just say - I'm really happy its the weekend! As a SAHM you'd think every day was like the weekend. But mostly every day is like Tuesday. Someone comes into my room way too early, pries my eyes open with their little finger nails, and either stands in front of me or sits in my lap while I go to the potty. Then we head downstairs for some milk and I start the turkey sausage. And these littles have had me playing musical beds all week, little h has been waking up super early and taking cat naps (instead of the two hour naps  I dream of…).

Can I also say - mama is tired and I need a break. As evidenced by the long and awkward hug I gave the baby sitter today (subsequently, he slept for 3 hours for her after I left:-/) But I digress...

Some Truths:
I'm mostly a Stay at Home mom. I have a hard time saying that. When asked, I usually rattle off all the projects I'm involved in/working on… Even though when I was last working full time (Pharm Sales when the munchkin was about a year and a half) I used to pray every day that I could find a way to be able to really hang out with my munchkin after school on the play ground instead of rushing back to work. I used to joke when I was in graduate school that I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom when I finished the program (I went on to do marketing project management for a few years before munchkin came along)  I didn't know just how serious I was (and neither did Tony…).

Although I have two business degrees, I'm most happy when I'm being creative. Writing, making, crafting. I was voted Most Talented in high school and I worry every day that I'm not living up to that potential. I know thats silly and that was a long time ago but my goal is to be the next Oprah Winfrey  is for my work to encompass doing what I'm most passionate about - creating and taking great care of my family. I suppose that's why I started this little blog. Initially a private blog (formerly know as Pearl and Khakis) to share snapshots of my life with Tony in Atlanta with my family in Florida, and friends afar. Its here I document my life, my loves, and the things that make me happy.

With that said, I'm also I'm a mommy blogger. Another thing that's a bit hard to admit. It sounds so… well... meh?  Like, "Say What?" Well, I like to say a Family Lifestyle Blogger.. better ring to it eh? But you know what, I'm in my mid-thirties (another little nugget) and Its time for me to start embracing what ever life has for me in that moment. To be proud of who I am, my past and my present and to be grateful for every stage of my life...

So that's me in a nutshell..  I'm blogging, planning parties over at Bailey Blue Events and Design a company I created with a grad school pal, and turning the munchkins book club into a monthly membership box filled with books and other goodness for little girls everywhere, oh and hanging out on the play ground with my munchkins every chance I get.


p.s. This little monologue of mine is part of a 30 day (#justblogit) blog challenge I joined. I'm going to give it my best shot. Trying to build some good habits here. Hope I don't ramble on too much. Hope you'll stick around for the journey.


Teresa said...

I think it's great that you are a SAHM!!! You get to enrich your children's lives in ways working moms only dream about. I wish I could have done it when mine were munchkins, but a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do. You Rock!!! Maybe I will get to be a SAHGM one day. A girl can dream...dreams do still come true.

bunnie hilliard said...

you are SO RIGHT. you know I have a friend who's currently corporate but on a plan to get back home to her babies while they are still young. I left with a goal and a purpose to spend this time with these munchkins until they were off to school. I guess the grass is always greener? I'm doing my best to live and love the moment. thanks for sharing your thoughts:-)

FabulousLIVES said... and I are sharing the same mental address. I've been assessing various parts of myself. And thinking about how I got to where I am. I am fortunate and blessed to be where I am....but there's more to be done. And...for me its been particularly challenging as I went headstrong.... Full speed ahead into being mom and never recalibrating and adjusting for the way I used to live. all my reserves are tapped out. And while many envy SAHM s and some scoff at working mothers. ...I think we are all on the same turf with wanting many of the same things for our families. I am always on the fence but know that my ultimate happiness would be the peace of mind knowing that I am sheparding the way my family lives. And being able to be active, 150 pounds, balanced meals, with bi weekly date nights with the hubs, no need for lingerie cause I look better naked. A wine cellar and my sonshine in a school that doesn't make me consider becoming a shake dancer, three week long vacations per year. you know the fab life.

bunnie hilliard said...

YES. It is truly a very complicated and personal decision. And the deciding factor for me was and is, what makes me truly the happiest? and making whatever decisions, sacrifices, adjustments necessary to literally afford that. time is fleeting. and things won't always be this way, trying my hardest to enjoy the moment (and be grateful for it) while I have it. oh yes, and all of the fab stuff you listed, in Jesus name. AMEN.


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