May 9, 2014


If you live in or near the Atlanta area you HAVE to make it down to Serenbe. Next to Palmetto Georgia it is the most perfect little community that is the best mix of modern and quaint. We headed down last week after playing hooky from church for their May Day celebration, and I can't wait to go back.
We ran into Dorothy from the Serenbe Playhouse. And the little munchkin was beside herself.

This new 2 year old climbed up on that horse and said Yee Haw (un prompted) and proceeded to ride that little beauty like he had been doing it all of his (2 years?) life. He almost had a nervous breakdown when we pried his little white knuckles from horn of the saddle. HE LOVED every minute of it. I on the other hand was a wreck as I tried to push all thoughts of the horse catapulting him to the ground. In the process of trying to find him a miniature rootin' tooting' cowboy hat.

Mommy's little equestrian. Sadly we didn't make it down to the in to see the baby farm animals, but will be sure plan for another trip down later in the summer to enjoy without the crowds.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you awesome mama's out there. I hope you get some relaxation time and quality time with your littles. I will have both sets of parents in town and at the house for the weekend and munchkin's ballet recital. A house full of mama's can go either way:-) Keep me in your prayers...

What are you up to this weekend?


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