Sep 30, 2014


So I'm not turning 40 in 21 days... But as I understand it, it takes 21 days to create a habit. So starting the 1st day of October (and hopeful each month coming up here). I plan to start working on a few things. Creating some good/better habits. The fall tends to do that to me… Goals setting, organizing and such..

How this all started:

I was having a conversation with a good mama friend (who is in her early 40's) about life, and love, and the pursuit of happiness.. Well really about the Giggle Girls Book Club (launching this week!!!) and the elevator speech of a stay/work at home mama, we then moved on to some very important topics. Like why (and how) in the ham sandwich is her skin so smooth and flawless and what is she doing to it.. no EXACTLY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I know BLACK DONT CRACK and all.. but I really need the scoop. (She mentioned something about a Cetaphil cleanser and Lancome something or other from her mom, don't worry I plan to get it out of her).

But the bigger picture for me is, I'm turning 40 in a few short years and while these little people have me last on my priority list of things to take care of… I'd like to try and get to a place where my routines and rules for myself are pretty set so I don't wake up one day out of breath, with adult acne and lipstick on my teeth..

So a couple things on my list (no particular order) to get in order:

An easy early rise time - starting each day with meditation and preparation.
Eating Clean - some rules for eating healthy, minimal junk and processed foods.
Preventative skin care - 3 steps (or less).
Quick and easy make-up - polished, everyday easy.
Regular exercise - a way of life, not just for crash diets.
The Look - my signature style?

Now that the little person is sleeping well through the night with minimal interruptions, I've been finding it harder to get up early. LIKE I FINALLY GET TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!! But the way my goals and hustle are set up, it would really behoove me to get a jump start on the day. You know what they say, "The early bird…"

I'm planning to start  tomorrow October 1. Waking up an hour before the kiddos, my coffee, my devotional. Setting my alarm now.

Will you join me? Lets tag it #21dayswithBunnie What would you add do this list?


P.S. What do stay at home moms (with a few side gigs) say when asked, "What do you do?"



Sos said...

LOL@"out of breath, with adult acne and lipstick on my teeth"! So, how did it go this morning?

bunnie hilliard said...

GIRL. ROUGH. I must have talked little Avery up. He was up all night (a bad dream) and then Andie came and got in the bed with us. I was up at 5!! But then back to sleep:-/ He's napping now and I'm exhausted. TOMORROW!!

Mimi said...

I'm struggling with the same thing. Like recently I feel like I have to validate my career choices lately. That's not like me. I suppose the moon must be full because normally I don't give a dam*. Lunch?!!

bunnie hilliard said...

YESS! let's do lunch FOR REAL. I ince had a friend who would just say "whatever I want.." When someone asked what she "did." I like that answer... Gonna grow a pair and start saying that:-)


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