Oct 16, 2014


I met up with a super awesome mama andnew bloggy friend of mine today and she snapped these super cute pics. Little h (in the vest) and her sweet boy have become fast friends.  We invited them to come and hang with us at The Music Class and they had SO MUCH FUN. They are bananas!

I realized that tomorrow is his half birthday (next up the big 3!) He's communicating much more and we are going full steam ahead on this potty training thing and can I just say - He IS SUCH A LITTLE BOY!!

And I mean that in the very best way, sort of... Running, and jumping, and burping (and bursting into laughter), and climbing and TOTALLY testing his (and my) boundaries… and telling me NO at every given opportunity… Want to give mommy and kiss?! Noooo… Great, thanks.  Not that girls don't do those things.. but his sister was.. just different.. She would sit in my lap and just chill.

Its quite a different experience for me. And I'm starting to think that I had convinced myself that munchkin was so well mannered because of my excellent parenting skills.. but my old tricks don't seem to be working with this little one. The "strong talking to" doesn't seem to have quite the same affect on him.. He says.. Nooo mommy!! Scary eyes!! You know when I give him that mean momma (Samuel Jackson) eye? Sometimes he (and H and munchkin) just burst out laughing.. Am I losing my touch?!

I'm just saying, I'm not raising any rude and unruly little boys around here. - Okay, I just needed to vent a bit about that.

I love him SO VERY MUCH. And he really is a super sweet boy. And I'm looking forward to many years of jumping and climbing and running and falling and not wanting kisses from his mommy (I will continue to steal those while he is sleeping). I am hoping know that this is just a phase and we are both just learning about each other and about ourselves.

And in due time he will know to always be kind and respectful. Loving and generous. Confident and of good character.

And my prayer is that God gives me the wisdom to be a good example of those things.

On another totally unrelated note, currently:

Bingeing on Gilmore Girls -NETFLIX WOOT! and working on some projects - AND somehow found my way into the cookies and some CRAZY scene led me to the leftover pizza in the fridge. I was doing SO WELL this week after last weekends sugar bonanza. Welp. Back on the wagon I promise.. I was having a moment (in my feelings) tonight…

A couple of things  I'm realizing #WhileWatchingGilmoreGirls.. Can we make that trending? HAA!

I think my next move should be to Stars Hollow.
Every decent person has a piano (working or in use or not) in their home.. WHERE IS MY PIANO?
I totally want to be a cross between Lorelie and her mom Emily - If that's possible.
I totally forgot that I wanted to name my daughter Rory!!
And that Megan McCarthy was on Gilmore Girls. LOVE. HER. Suki YAY!!

Happy Half Birthday Little h.

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