Nov 15, 2009

Front Row with Anna!

So, I was reading FT Weekend this morning and come across an article about bloggers and their seat at the fashion table and saw this "sad little person" (name that movie!) pictured at the bottom of the the page. Turns out that it is a 13-year old named Tavi. It also turns out that the wife and I think she is too cool. She used the words fly and whuttt on the site. I'm in! She's super creative and doing above and beyond. oh, and she knows something about fashion. check tavi out.

Read the article.


Lydia said...

are those boys' underwear on her head?!

homemade grits said...

she's my new obsession! i mean are you kidding me?

bunnie said...

i know right. i've been stalking her as well.. loves it!


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