Nov 7, 2009

I'm so excited!

About to crawl into bed with a cup of Chai and a copy of the latest Real Simple magazine that I swiped from my bestie Jill!! Sweet Relaxation..

But before I do that.. Just wanted to post a couple of cute finds that I came up on while perusing the internet on some of my fav sites..

I'm absolutely amazed at the makeover to this $40 credenza from the Little Green Notebook.  
I am SO on a mission to find my own little treasure to spice up for the house.  But first I will need to get a different color paint on these walls for the perfect backdrop.


She used Rustoleum's 'Saftey Red' Spray Enamel available at Home Depot


Love, LOVE, LOVE munchkin clothes.. Some people prefer animals, and, flowers and butterflies.. but i prefer things that I would wear in miniature. Like this Baby Gap - Quilted jacket in Navy 
I would totally rock this with some jeans and boots.. or some Pearls and Khakis:-)

This Penny People Alphabet Art
is totally affordable and nursery chic starting at $15 bux!

 Jemos - Elaina

And when I grow up I will be happy to splurge on necessities like this Tory Burch REVA HAT and matching glove.

love the mini-me:-)

And Loves these Tory Burch LATTICE GLOVES

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