Nov 17, 2009

you'll shoot your eye out kid!

Hubby is going to give me a scolding for this one. We've been (He's been) complaining about how we just skip right over Thanksgiving and start celebrating Christmas before Halloween is even over. True, true.. but dont you just love the Holidays.. Let the fun begin!!

So I've been spending some time searching for gift ideas for the budget conscious and as always martha stewart has some cute and crafty little luxury projects. I think I could pull these off.

My little munchkin has lost her chubby wubby baby fat so I've been looking for tiny belts. Looks like if you want somthing done right, you CAN do it yourself. These Velvet-Ribbon Belts will be perfect for the fall and winter.

And some other fabulous things:

made from vintage tea cups who've lost thier saucers...

 dyed wooden beads

I developed a love for monogram when I got married. My beloved H. I will surely give this a try someday...

I think the little munchkin would love these little lovies made from just plan socks and gloves. And the piglet made from wool fabric. I wonder if I can make that pig from an argyle sock?  Looks like I'm going to have to step up my sewing game just a little.

Thanks Martha!


Lydia said...

i'm crazy about the wooden beads. i want some! i don't understand what is going on with the tea cups...are you supposed to gift the lost strays? the little sock friends are adorable--best idea yet.

Lydia said...

OH! They're candles!!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!!


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