Nov 18, 2009

some cute stuff!

Okay so I had a little extra time on my hands today!!! Don't worry I have a life?!

Personalized rubber stamps from Craft Pudding.

custom twitter necklaces at survival of the hippest! i love that name!

cool little shift dress tippa dress at magpie lovely

and the cutest of all:

so today i was trying to take munckin to the oakhurst community garden when i pulled up and realized it really is just that.. a community garden.. but folks were talking about it like it was a mini botanical gardens? so then i tried to get the gps to take me to the nearest park which ended up being oakhurst park which is really just a brick structure in the middle of the square so next on the list was mckoy park which is around the corner but as i got out of the car a strange man jumped out of the woods combing his hair, so we got back in the car and drove home..

these are some pix i took of munchkin playing in the car.. i thought we'd just play in the yard instead...

those eyes!!

that laugh!!

loves it!


Lydia said...

that is hilarious. and you have the best life. i envy your life. you know you want that shift dress for yourself.

bunnie said...

i absolutely want that shift dress for myself!! ure the best lee-lee! r u coming for the holiday party? cant wait to see you!!!


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