Dec 1, 2009

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

After the little munchkin's nap on Sunday we went to Big John's in midtown and picked out a tree! unfortunately it's still sitting in the corner undecorated surrounded by the boxes of decorations that hubby brought up stairs as soon as we got home... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! and get SO excited at the thought of decorating for the holidays... but forget how much WORK it is to get that momentum going..
once we get the lights on we'll be home free!

after we picked up the tree we headed over to the HIGH to hang out for a few and take some pics for fun.  here are a few shots of our little adventure.

So there is this big tree with the beautiful yellow leaves right out front of the high.. does anyone know what kind of tree this is?!

The  holidays are already so much fun with the little munchkin around.. last year this time.. we were just happy to prop her up on a pillow... and now she can sing, and dance, and who knows what things we'll get into!! We can't wait!


Lyndsay said...

It's a Ginko tree! :)

Lydia said...

awesome photos!

bunnie said...

thanks SO MUCH lindsay.. just now seeing this-)


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