Dec 2, 2009

a wild hair

little munchkin is taking a late nap so I thought I'd post this really quick!

so last night at about 10pm, i got a wild hair and decided to make an advent calendar for this Christmas holiday season.. I love it when i can pull stuff out of my "craft closet" and put together a whole project! so here's the stab at my first CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR!!

I just took small envelopes and put numbers on them, then filled them with little slips of paper with activities written on them. We'll be baking cookies, and watching movies by the fire, and going to see neighborhood Christmas lights.. all that GOOD stuff!

I used a cork board and put some of the holiday cards that we've kept over the last few years as a background.

Dec. 1 - Make Advent Calender.. check!
Dec. 2. Put up Christmas Tree... check!

here are some shots of my little creation:

Merry Christmas!!

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