Dec 30, 2009

random and merry belated!!

Been on a little vacay over the holidays... and dont have my holiday pix and such ready to post yet. but just to get back into the swing of things wanted to do a little random diddy...

still got it!
So while at my parents in florida i went to a little high school reunion of sorts at the local skating rink... super fun! i almost killed myself several times since i am a pretty horrible skater... i mean NO skills at all. but i did stop to strike a fab pose just to let them all know i still got it:-)

mommy said i look like june cleaver... i prefer audrey hepburnish:-)

loves it!
I'm not generally a big ring person. i only wear my wedding ring.  but i would totally sport this 11mm Tahitian Pearl Ring on the other hand! really elegant and grown lady like:-)
the money tree
In an earlier post hubby mentioned that we had joked about giving each other the gift of telling each other what we would buy each other if money was no object.  so in the spirit of ... if money grew on trees i would have gone out to the back yard and shaken our tree bare to suprise the darling hubby with this awesome 2010 Land Rover LR4 . I always wanted matching cars:-) merry pretend Christmas hubby!-

super excited about this new mag set to debut in spring 2010... home girl leslie from homemadegrits blog is contributor for its premier issue. all about the new southern style... as a florida/georgia southern gal and mag hag, i can't wait to dive in.. it looks yummy!

highly effective and productive
in preparation for 2010 i've dusted off some old faithfuls to hit the reset button and get off to a great start. so this week on the night stand are 7 habits of highly effective people and getting things done - the art of stress free productivity

i'll let you know how it goes...

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