Dec 21, 2009

random holiday cheer...

I'd like to thank all the little people..

Someone was preparing for thier Oscar/Grammy/Tony Award acceptance speech today.. too too funny.

Something tells me she's going to be a starra!

I cheated and bought already made ginger bread cookies to decorate.. the munchkin just wanted to eat the icing and hear the little candy balls as they rolled off the countertop onto the floor.. but as always.. such the good little helper.. and sharer:-)


this cracked me up! bye!

shrimp tortellini and spinach
and just because i thought it looked pretty, i'd like to post a pic of my latest concoction.. it looked alot better than it tasted.. that's because i was missing half the ingredients and tried to ad lib with some less than comparable substitions (i was trying to make this.) i need better lighting when i'm shooting pix of my food. or maybe i should put the food on white plates... at any rate...

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