Dec 19, 2009

thanks nie nie!

so last week i happened upon an old episode of oprah where the guest was none other than mrs. stephanie nielson and her family.. oddly i have her listed on blogs i follow but had only glanced at a couple of her recent posts and decided she was a cute and fashionable chick. i had intentions of stalking her site at a later date... no time like the present. currently baby sitting for a friend who's 13 month old fell asleep ten minutes after they left (at 715p)... three hours later i am in awe of nie nie and her dialogues... her story inspired me and made me think about what's important in this life and how i can make the most of it. to stop waisting time on what i'd like to do or think i'd be good at and just give it a try already!! will blog about my dreamy wonder woman dreams at a later date...

but i digress... one of her many glorious posted was a journal of things that made her proud to be who she is. so here's my attempt at some positive affirmations (in no particular).. i mean it!

i sprinkled in a couple of pix that make me REALLY happy!

ready, set, go!

1. I am proud that I am a Christian and that my family strives to put Christ first and seek his guidance in our everyday lives. Hubby and I pray everyday together and that makes me VERY happy. The little munchkin can even say amen (she says aneh - close enough).

2. I am proud to be Mrs. NBH. He is the absolute bestest!

3. I am proud to be a mother. And I am enjoying every moment of it!

4. I am proud that I nursed my munchkin until she was 13 months old. The only the very best for my sweet girl.

5. I am proud that took the time to educate myself. twice:-)

6. I am proud that I have a few glamourously wonderful ladies in my life that I have been the best of friends with since the day we met. they are smart, and funny, and creative and bless me with their unconditional friendship (Jillian (college), Dawnesha (high school), Lydia (post undergrad)).

7. I am proud of the home that I have made with my beloved and look forward to creating many many memories.

8. I am proud that I am sometimes stylish and people compliment me on this occassionally.. I am going to continue to work on that.. pretty things make me happy.. not expensive necessarily.. just pretty:-)

9. I am proud to the daughter of SLB. I strive to be as selfless and caring a mother a she so effortlessly is.

10. I am proud that I have never inhaled or digested any illegal substances (that I'm aware of).

and 1 to grow on.. I am proud to be me.. sometimes messy, sometimes neat, quirky, creative, sensitive, special me.

As I wrote this list, I realized that there are many more things in my life that make me proud to be me. so to be continued.

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Lydia said...

your definitely on my list!


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