Jan 20, 2010

everyone poops...

okay so we decided to start giving this potty training thing a try.. the munchkin will be 17 months at the end of the week.

we went to pick this book up yesterday after storytime and it is by far the strangest thing i have ever seen. i mean everyone does it, but everyone does not show pictures of the size, shape, and the actual process for all mammals.. very interesting. i hope this doesnt have the opposite effect... so here it goes!

someone was gracious enough to give us a potty when the little munchkin was born as a gift. we've actually  had it out for a while so she's familiar with looking at it. and this week we decided to start getting her used to siting on it. with her clothes on. i also have been letting her watch mommy "go potty." yesterday i let her flush the "paper" down the toilet
and she burst into tears and screamed, "no! no!"
we plan to take this nice and easy.

dont worry she's fully clothed.

looks like she's got the most important part down:-)

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