Jan 19, 2010

all grown up now...

his weekend we went down to Florida to celebrate one of my dearest friends 30th birthday. We rented a house on the beaches of St. Augustine, Florida with friends and just relaxed. I dropped my little munchkin off with her grandparents an hour away...

its been such a long time since the hubby and i just slept and didnt get out of bed until we absolutely had to. the last trip we took, i ended up bringing home a gallon of pumped milk so this was TOTALLYdifferent. on the 5 hour drive back we talked about finally feeling "settled." like this is OUR little family. the last 6 and a half years have been such a world wind. I met the love of my life, finished b-school, got engaged, then married, bought our first house, then carried my munchkin for 38 weeks, and now i've been learning how to be a good wife and mommy and friend for the last year. so now here we are. all grown up.


isnt he handsome:-) 
{photo by lydia scarlett}

my darling Lydia.. Happy Birthday!

Crescent Beach

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Lydiagscarlett said...

Where does the time go? :-(


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