Jan 31, 2010


so friday i had to call hubby home early from work to take care of the munchkin because not only was i exhausted because someone woke up no less than 5 times the night before, but for some reason i was feeling SUPER nauseous. not what you might think.. this was followed by chills and then a night of kneeling over the toilet bowl...

so the next day i was sealed off in my bedroom while the hubby and munchkin played and hung out around town... i watched bad tv all day spent way too much time on facebook and pretended to read this.

subsequently, i missed ALL THE FUN i had planned for the weekend.

1. book club kick off meeting saturday morning. where i had planned to see some wonderful ladies that i have been WAITING to catch up with and munch on black bean cakes at the new west egg cafe in midtown.

2. overnight ladies night out with the ladies from mommy and me in the evening with a room booked at the westin, and dinner reservations at truvatlanta.

3. brunch with the homies to celebrate imani's 34th at einsteins..

instead the highlight of the weekend was an overcrowded trip to trader joe's and making these
oatmeal cookies while listening to my hubby sing into the toilet bowl..

poor thing. i think he got the worst of it... hope these will make him feel better tomorrow...

i found this while uploading my cookies. someone is determined to get their shoe's on all by themselves ;-) such a big girl!

speaking of which we got these to replace those last week at abbadaba's in little 5.

now off to clorox wipe down all the toys and door knobs and light switches and scrub my hands insanely before bed..

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homemade grits said...

so sorry bunnie! yuckers:( glad you're feeling better! i'm going to make oatmeal cookies tomorrow!


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