Feb 2, 2010

who knew?

that my hubby was just one stomach flu away from his goal weight?! now he's strutting around here all proud that his pants fit again. he wouldnt even eat all of his dinner because he didnt want to tamper with his new "high school skinny?" i guess there was a silver lining  to this past weeks epidemic..

so yes, we are all feeling MUCH better now.. thanks so much for all the well wishes and thoughts and prayers.. i'm SO glad that the little munchkin didnt get sick..

after dinner tonight i decided to mesh a few recipes together to make use of some organic roma tomatoes that i had in the fridge.. this will be our pre-super bowl fare..

i get really excited when i see all of these COLORS.. YUM!


here's my munchkin.. such a big girl now.. beep beep! go!

i'm totally going to try this:

looking for some CUTE fabric to try this little skirt for my laundry room basin...

 little green notebook blog

i actually find my little munchkin's head bands here, there, and everywhere.. but i've decided that since it is her signature:-) mommy should start making them herself..


maybe not this V day but some day.. isnt it SO ADORABLE!!

potterybarn kids

thoughts and prayers
praying for the Soons family. peace of mind, comfort, and a quick and successful procedure for our little friend...


Jillian said...

can't see the munchkin!!! :(

BuddhaBelly said...

thanks nicole. andie's boo is on the mend. xox

Lydia said...

You finally canned your salsa!!!! Let me know if you want the world map for your laundry room too. I just got one for my bro-in-law for Christmas. It's HUGE.


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