Jan 1, 2010


for 2010

1. Just getting into the blogosphere, I have been SO INSPIRED to continue to tap into my crafty side.  My goal is to work on something new every week. Thankfully my little munchkin is very serious about her 730 bedtime and usually sleeps 12 hours. so when i turn out her little light, I will turn my little light ON...

2. Me gusta Leer (translation: i love to read!) I started a book club at the beginning of 2009 called the "sewing circle". that fizzled out around october  :-(
Initially it was so that I could make sure that I read good books and got to see some of my grown up friends on a regular basis.  I'm going to try again.. and maybe make some new friends!

3. So while at my parents over the break I ran into the 20 year old sister of a friend whose makeup was absolutely flawless (shout out to Paige!). She reminded me of myself in my younger year.  Since becoming a mommy I have since been satisfied with just getting some vaseline on my lips and saving the real make up for church or date night. Today I broke out my trusty make-up bag choc full of NARS, and Bobbi Brown, and MAC and felt all gitty inside... SHE'S BACK!

4.  I was pretty embarrassed a couple of weeks ago when my BFF asked me if I was sure that I wasnt expecting again.. I most certainly am not.. I've since been looking for jogging strollers on craigslist.. one way or another.. the flab has got to go.

5. Speaking things into existence... write a children's book (a series), become an event planner for the kiddies, side gig as a blogger of sorts...somebody.. anybody?

and just because I hate blogs without pix.. here are some that make me happy...

random day dreaming...

loves it!
i saw these in person at anthropologie while in jax visiting the folks... way TOO cute for words.. they come in infant size 6 - 12 months too!! do they come in my size?

I know that UGGs are so 5 or more years ago.. and I am SUPER late.. but I just thought they were SO UGG-ly.. but since nie nie mentioned that she cleans house among other things in hers because they are so SUPER COMFY.. i must admit I've been doing a little stalking.. at any rate a friend of mine traveling to Copenhagen for the holiday hipped me to these  super cute and half the price Australian EMU hip boots.. why not?

also resolving to stop wearing nursing tanks and my hairy pants (so my husband calls them) to bed. these from anthropologie are fancy, but not overly so and affordable..



also one of my fav's is the selection at land of nod. in a perfect world all of the munckin's furniture would blend in with the look and feel of the grown up stuff. this Ecotots play table and chairs has an eco-friendly and stylish spin on it. cute for a playroom, family room or bedroom.

okay now off to the sofa with hubby for chai tea, and a movie in front of the fire - yum!

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Lydia said...

even your cuddle-time is so stylish!


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