Jan 3, 2010

is it too soon?

hubby is putting the little munchkin to bed tonight so i thought i'd do a quick post on what's been on my mind today..

now that we've kissed 2009 good bye and put the Christmas decorations back in the basement.. i was thinking that i'd like to make a valentine's day inspired wreath and a centerpiece of sorts for the house.

i've been looking for some ideas to nab and havent quite come up with anything yet. but in the mean time... these ideas are getting my creative juices flowing...

martha stewart called this a heart "felt" scarf.. i think it could also be used as garland.

these knitted hearts would be a good gift for a baby,  slightly larger and stuffed with wool and a jingle ball.

maybe this idea from better homes and gardens would be a cute table topper?

i think i will definitely be doing something like this... what better excuse to make brownies and design sponge even provides templates.

valentines heart felt pins by the ladies at purl bee.

 garland also by the fabulously talented ladies at purl bee

cute gift idea (also from design sponge) or if you are just looking to add something to your home decor for the holiday and beyond. . i think i might try this one. as part of my spring cleaning i have an old jewelery box that needs cleaning out.

i couldnt resist posting this pic of my little munchkin from last valentines day. i know i was being "bad mommy" by giving my munchkin her first taste of sweets at 6 months but i couldnt resist making these valentines day cupcakes and celebrating her half birthday!! i promise i only gave her a little bite:-)



Lydia said...

my fave ideas are the edible ones...that's what v-day is all about (especially for us single gals)..."tonight I celebrate my love for food!"

Maroussia said...

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