Jan 27, 2010

what a beautiful thing..

it is to be me.

thanks to this young lady for letting me come over and vent:-)

seems like she always knows just when to say, "wanna come over and let the kiddies play?"  i got some rather disturbing news this week which put me in one of my notorious "funks". but such is life.

getting it all out just made me realize all i have to be thankful for. and how important it is to stay prayerful and stay positive.

i just finished rocking the little munchkin to sleep. she never lets me do that anymore. she's such a big girl now. today she said, "nap!" because she was tired and wanted to lie down. how crazy is that? as i was sitting in our rocking chair tonight i realized that there are a few images that i am so thankful are forever burned into my mind.

my little munchkin laughing.. i was sitting in bed the other night and just started to grin as I thought of my little munchkin bursting into her toothy smile. i cant believe i made this little person.  it melts my heart.

my little sleeping beauty. my little munchkin drifting off to sleep in my arms is a reminder that i am here to love and protect her. and the trust that she has for me is like no other.

the love of my life i tell you. man he can really work a nerve when he wants to. but i am SO GRATEFUL for him and who i am because of him...

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Claire Kiefer said...

Your blog is great and your little girl is adorable! Cutest smile I've seen in a LONG time. :)


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