Feb 5, 2010

the doctor will see you now...

in need of a little couch time...

i was really excited the other night when the little munchkin "let" me rock her to sleep.. it had been months and months...
i remember the day i laid her in bed (still awake) and said, "night, night" and clicked off the light... and came back five minutes later to find her fast asleep.. i thought the angels had decended from heaven to present me with my "rockin' best mommy ever" medal... that was no easy task (sleep training)..

but now... i am realizing this week she not only will let me rock her to sleep but has reverted back to not falling asleep unless i rock her...

not good. what in the world?!

at any rate, daddy and munchkin are catching up on storytime before bed.. and mommy is sipping orange ginger mint tea sweetened with a little maple syrup and doing a little blog therapy..

sadly i just realized that it's friday night! shouldnt we be on a HOT DATE or something?! such lames:-)

i am SO gonna try this.. thanks cathy (can i call you cat?) for sending this my way.. i'm going to try to attach to headbands for the munchkin.. just need to figure out where to find this stuff (wool felt in funky colors)?


maybe i can find something here!! while rolling down highland ave. the other day i saw this from my window! not sure how long it's been there but  i have to go in and take a peak!!
in my next life i know i will be a knitting wiz.. in the mean time, i'll just continue to be inspired and in awe... dont you just love the highlands?!


ever since i saw the ceo of this place on oprah the other day i've been craving some chicken taco's.. then i saw that nie nie was grabbing some for lunch on her wonderful blog..  oh how i love lettuce and tomatoes.. and black beans. and chicken, and salsa and cilantro and well you get the point..
the chipotle on ponce is calling my name...


1 comment:

Lydia said...

knitch looks like a day-spa for crafters! I wanna go!!!!


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