Feb 4, 2010

all in a days work..

so today was a LONG one.. for the first time in a long time i was gone ALL day... without the munchkin.. but that's another story for another time..

hubby put the munchkin to bed so that i could attend to the mound of dishes..  i HATE dishes.. and i can really be a mess in the kitchen.. i tried out this new recipe tonight.

i warmed the salsa and paired it with buttery grits! how southern of me:-)

hubby did NOT finish his plate because unknown to me he is NOW afraid of catfish?? which he is now only referring to as "mud fish".. who knew this southern boy would turn into a fish snob? 

at any rate, i saved the leftover salsa and chilled for super bowl sunday!!

so the munchkin has been fascinated with mommy's earrings lately.. makes me wonder if i should have gotten her ears pierced. i decided to let her save that for a special "big girl" occassion should she choose. at any rate i let her try on some of mommy's ear "bobs:-)" i cant decide if she looks more like a "b" girl or a gypsy?!

loves it!

now off to work on birthday cards and book marks, maybe read a couple chapters and then hit the sack! 



jen said...

Your munchkin is adorable! I remember being fascinated with my mama's earrings as a little girl too.
That meal looks delicious too! :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

bunnie said...

yay! thanks jen!! i LOVE your blog!!!

Lydia said...

gypsy all the way! (I'm glad you didn't poke holes in her earlobes.)


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