Feb 8, 2010

j. crew love

i have a huge crush on j. crew... and occasionally i profess my love for him and all of the reasons he makes me swoon.  and in the spirit of valentines day i thought it appropriate to write him a little note:

how do i love thee? let me count the ways:

 this globe trotter centenary suitcase


 and this Lugano Leather Suitcase are SO DREAMY!!!

i almost never wear shorts.. if my thighs and legs were the same size i would consider it. .but these black blossom brenna shorts make me want to do lounges..

oddly i would wear these pearl jewel box earrings every day... i think i could dress these up or down.. i'm weird like that. a bit bolder than studs with a chic vintage vibe (says j).

i love, Love LOVE this timex military watch. i dont own a watch but if it did it would be this one.. i also think i would wear this every day and dress it up or down.. what? i do what i want!

hugs and kisses

1 comment:

magically ordinary said...

So glad to know someone adores J Crew as much as I do! Love the look of your blog.


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