Feb 18, 2010

a parcel...

dont you love that word? parcel.. just sounds like something special...

hubby must have sensed the exhaustion in my demeanor tonight at dinner b/c without my asking he whisked the little munchkin upstairs to put her down for bed... he even came back down stairs and cleared the table and put the  munchkins toys away? now i can blow of a little steam and hit the sack a little early tonight.

a slight emergency as we couldnt find CoCo briefly before bed... but she was tucked away safely in the dryer.. wonder how she got there:-)

at any rate, today to my surprise i received a parcel from a very dear friend.. well a letter.. at first i just ripped open the envelope and started to read it on my way up the driveway. but then i realized that my letter along with some hot trader joes chai tea, a brownie (the last one i promise!) and some warm fuzzy socks would be the perfect way to end the day..

in south beach

thanks lee-lee!

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