Feb 18, 2010

Saving Face with Baxter

Must have razor! I have been shaving with Gillette since my Navy days and just realized how badly they suck after shaving 4 days in a row because of important meetings. Nick, Nick, Nick. UGH! I normally can get by with an every other day approach since I don't grow a ton of facial hair. I also thought it ridiculous to spend real money on something that provides a limited function. I spend about $12 on a pack of toss aways. This one is $60 and comes with blades and replacements are 20 for $4, which is not bad when you start doing the longer term math. Not sure why they named it the Safety Razor but I'd love one for Father's Day. Better than the neon light Miami necktie that Cliff Huxtable got from his kids. Cosby Show Season 1 Episode 13

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