Mar 17, 2010

spring fever and other randomness...

so the hubby came home and pushed play on this one.. it's one of our favs! she's like diana ross and tina turner (most of the time:-) mashed into one supa sexy dancin' machine!! needless to say we got quite the workout before dinner.. there's no way you can listen to her without.. well you know (uh oh uh oh uh oh:-).

at any rate.. i'm SO ready for warm weather and spring time.

lately i've been day dreaming about...

looking for summer vacay spots?

herbs and fresh flowers in my kitchen window sill..

playing outside with my munchkin and her boo:-)

he's such a southern gentleman...

working up to fitting into something yummy like these from anthropologie: 

resort chic huh? loves it!

so grown up.. deelish

or this little diddy from jcrew

a girl can dream can't she?

now onto a little laundry, watching "You've Got Mail" for the umpteenth time (we like it, don't judge us!).. and working on Easter Egg Hunt invites (i'm a little late) !


Claire Kiefer said...

1. I cannot get over how cute your daughter and her mini-bf are. Goodness gracious alive.
2. That J. Crew bathing suit is freaking GORGEOUS. i don't think I could ever pull off a strapless bathing suit, but it is the perfect color and those ruffles and that asymmetry are so dreamy!!!

bunnie said...

claire - thanks SO MUCH!! she must look like her dad:-) And i'm quite sure that at present i could not pull off any of those swim suits.. but this is day two without cookies.. so we'll see how things play out:-)


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