May 15, 2010

i wonder who did that?

starting a new weekly post. not sure what day of the week i'll do it. maybe it'll be random, or maybe i'll do it the same day everyweek? today is just as good as any to start.

so i've been finding things in the most random places. and i always get a little chuckle.. i can remember when i was just trying to get her to roll over.. now i've lost 3 cell phones in the last 7 months.. i found one of them under the stove?

at any rate.. i walked into my bathroom last night and this is what i saw..

i wonder who did this:-)


Claire Kiefer said...

hilarious! Guess she thought her bunny had to go potty.

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

So funny! I like the Curious George bathroom reading :)


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