May 18, 2010

i should be sleeping..

but instead i'm tooling around on the web looking for inspiration for my munchkin's 2nd birthday coming up at the end of august.. oh. and also working on some compliance modules for work:-(

didnt have much luck on the party planning front but i did run into these inspiring ideas for grown up outdoor shin digs for the summer..

I'm so looking forward to a little something like this.. I have a birthday coming up and a little birthday backyard (deck) brunch sounds perfecto!

 I'm SO doing this for my next get together.. little bags.. check! scalloped scissors.. check! maybe i'll use grapes instead? Nah.. these red cherries really pop!

these fruit spritzers are making my mouth water even now... now if i just had these tall sleek tumblers... i think they would look just as yummy in my mason jars?

can someone pretty please get my hubby to build me one of these canopies for my back deck? it would be so super cute with some little paper laterns for a little deck barbeque?

 just as soon as a get a sewing machine i'm going to make pretty slip covers for my teak deck furniture.. no really i am..


she made this table cloth by sewing 15 bandanas together.. dollar tree here i come!!
 cute, cute, cute.. thanks martha!

1 comment:

homemade grits said...

love it all! i want those ikea chairs...


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