Jun 17, 2010

summertime yum!

i've really been slacking on my blogging lately.. it makes me feel like a total drop out because i love doing it so much. trying to fit it all in now that i'm a regular working girl.. i CAN do it ALL right?

at any rate.. super glad that summer is underway!! although it's been pretty sweltering these last few days.. i've been making some super yummy stuff (some that fit into my new diet and some not so much:-)

just wanted to share:-)

i think i might be part hispanic because i love mexican food SO much.. anything that i can dip some tortilla chips into really makes me swoon.. so i usually keep some avacado on hand to whip up some impromptu guac on a moments notice!

we really love blt's!! especially with some home fries and onions!!  this is actually turkey bacon.. i cut out the swine some years back.. i make a yummy spread with mayo and basil and garlic. mmm mmm good...


there is nothing better than smores.. i've never gone camping, but who needs to.. just fire up this little grill and keep the marshmellows coming...


grilled fruit and whip cream.. they cancel each other out right?

love, love, love veggies.. and this baby brocolli sauteed with some lemon juice and garlic and some kosher salt are a crowd favorite in bunnievillle:-)

any quick and easy summer favs you'd like to share?

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