Jun 20, 2010

team jacob.

so it has happened.

i was totally not even giving any attention or a second thought to these kids... not interested.

now i do get in my occasional dose of US weekly, and i did see a little of the MTV movie awards (okay i TiVoed it) so i'm familiar with who's who and what. but.. i mean, seriously, i'm a grown up with a toddler. i'm a working mom and wife.. trying to start a business.. what interest would i have in some teenage love story?! vampires.. werewolves.. really?! who me?  forget it!

not quite..

recently i was left to my own devices (hubby was on a business trip) and stumbled upon the Twilight movies.. and i  must say... I WAS SITTING ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT AND CANNOT WAIT FOR NEW MOON!!

okay.. i'm a little embarrassed.

but my defenses were down.  and i was a little lonely.. and so i got sucked in:-(

i'm a sucker for a good love story.. so


p.s. who's down for the midnight showing:-)


Everton Terrace said...

I know! I did not find the writing style of the books very cultivated but by golly, I kept reading. Read them all, page turners every one. I did not see the second movie though (even mentioning it on a post tomorrow). I'll have to wait for your recap. Thanks for coming by my blog!

jdavissquared said...

haha! If you liked the movies, you should read the books! They'll totally suck you in! ;)
p.s. I'm team Jacob too!


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