Nov 21, 2010

good for the soul...

so i was having a little conversation with my sitter about life, and work, and the pursuit of happiness and she being the scholarly agnes scott student decided to pull out some of her conceps from her womens pychology class and psychoanalyze me. she went on to suggest that i read this book.

i would never have considered myself a perfectionist until reading this book which i'm only half way through.  at any rate  if you are like most women, you are great at making sure that everyone else is happy leaving  your own happiness an afterthought.. this book might just be for you too:-)

and to go along with a little soul searching i decided to use my left over rotisserie (and some onions, celery, and carrots) to make something else good for the soul:-)

nite nite..

1 comment:

Fashion Street said...

heyyyy thats about me!!!


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