Dec 1, 2010

this really happened.. i promise

so since we are now in december officially, i thought this might be a nice time to do a fall update before we dive into holiday madness.. these pix have been trapped in my camera since we started fall.. which we rang in by planting tulip bulbs in the front yard..

here are some pix from our fall festivities, not in any particular order since it was too hard to organize them that way from my camera:-( i did the best i could without it becoming too cumbersome.

i try not to bombard with pix of my munchkin.. but i only have one child.. dont judge me:-/

handsome hubby at the pumpkin patch. 

we came. we saw. we picked pumpkins...

couldnt resist posting another pic of mommy's ballerina witch.. wearing her "dancing shoes" that her auntie michelle sent to her as a cruel joke on me since the munchkin wants to wear them with every outfit.. sweat suit.. pajamas... sparkly pink shoes.. thanks!

momma lena (and poppa russ) came up just in time to help us plant tulips! hopefully the squirrels wont dig them out and eat them.

helping mommy make cinnamon crumb cake for the school fall festival.. she's got skills! no really.

say cheese. or aaaaarrrgh!! having hot chocolate.. or as she calls it.. chocolate hot.

helping daddy with the leaves.. now that was LOADS of fun! only the mommy in me was mostly concerned with whether there were spiders lurking in all those leaves:-(

helped the munchkins boo and her favorite gal pals throw a fabulous circus themed 2nd birthday bash..

and we got the tree! .. we made popcorn and hot chocolate and it was cold enough to strike up the fire place.. and we even watched a little of  thisthis, and this, as we reminisced over old ornaments we've been collecting since the hubby and I got together..

so at any rate, i'm getting really excited about the holidays for no other reason than I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I even loved sweeping up the pine needles 

okay.. just had to post this pic of the munchkin stuffing popcorn into this toy train although we asked her not too. i guess she just couldnt resist. 

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MrsADS said...

Completely and totally adorable :).


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