Dec 19, 2010

leaving a legacy?

So I know this seems silly, but I realized recently that have no idea how to polish my furniture.  The hubby and I decided to invest in pieces of furniture that we knew we would want to keep around, and I'd like to make sure they keep and hold up over the years.. 
So part of my new years resolutions, or things I'd like to make a strong effort to incorporate into my life:-) is to start creating some traditions and  leaving some legacies and wisdom for my little family.  I mean there are a few things that have been passed down to me by my lovely mother and grandmother (sweet potato pie recipe, how to make the best potato salad ever, oh and i can clean and de-stem collard greens like nobody's business!) But since I've started my own family.. I always think about what my offspring will think of me and remember about me and learn from me.

I'm very excited about this.

Recently when asked where my furniture polish was, i realized that
a. I didnt have any, and 
b. i didnt even know what kind to buy? pledge?

at any rate, in an effort to be eco-friendly and not ruin my furniture i went in search of not only a natural solution but a cost conscious one as well.. 

i turned to the expert. snagged directly from her bountiful website:-)

DIY Furniture Polish

Clean with a barely damp soft rag; polish with olive, almond, or walnut oil. Or experiment with olive oil and white vinegar (or lemon juice) combinations -- more vinegar or lemon juice for cleaning and more oil for polishing.
Regular dusting prevents dirt from building up and minimizes the need for polishing. Test polish on a small section to make sure it does not react with the furniture's finish.

Now I know how to polish my furniture.. and so will my great-great-great grandchildren...

Read more at 
DIY Furniture Polish - Martha Stewart Home and Garden 

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